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Just Play Piano Studio

My approach to teaching comes from a background of 3 years working on camps developing young people’s self esteem, as well as more than 10 years with the Education Department.

I like to create a relaxed friendly environment where all students can enjoy having fun learning, creating and playing music together.

I focus on the positive side of their learning, coaching and encouraging them with their lessons and practice.

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” A relaxed friendly environment where all students can enjoy having fun learning, creating and playing music together.”

Georgia Hamilton

Musical Background

I started to play when I was quite young and began formal lessons when I was 9, learning mainly classical pieces for exams.

I played the organ in the church during my early teens and have also played and jammed with many others over the years as well as playing in concerts and eisteddfods.

The biggest frustration for me throughout my years of playing was my reliance on reading music. Whenever anyone asked me to play, the only tunes I could play without music, were the ones I’d learnt before I could read! Simply Music® taught me to play other styles of music including Blues, Jazz and Accompaniments as well as how to improvise and create my own Arrangements and Compositions.

In 2014 I began learning to play the harp. It has been a wonderfully enlightening experience learning another instrument. It has given me a real experience of being a new student and gaining real empathy with my own students as they develop their musicianship. I feel the struggle that my students can sometimes feel when first learning a new song … but it also helps me realise the great joy when I finally get something I’ve been working on.

I use a lot of the Simply Music® philosophy and techniques in my own playing and practice, and now feel myself playing better and feeling more familiar with the instrument.

Musical Teaching Background

I first heard of Simply Music® in 1998 through a friend whose son I was teaching. I watched a video about the method and was so excited – I knew that this was the way I wanted to teach. I was lucky to get a place at the next training with the founder Neil Moore, and soon after became an accredited Simply Music® teacher. Then in 2000 I became a Senior Associate, and in 2017, a Master Simply Music® Teacher.

Over the years my studio has grown from part time to a full time business.

I just love teaching people how to play piano!

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Just Play Piano Studio

Piano lessons for everyone

Whether you are a beginner or you've had prior experience, this program will have you playing more pieces than you ever thought possible, without music.

Just Play Piano Studio uses the unique Simply Music® method for learning piano, which has people of all ages playing great sounding songs from their very first lessons.

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