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What our students think of Just Play Piano Studio

I started piano lessons with Georgia when I was 7 years old. My music teacher in primary school recommended me to Georgia for lessons because he thought I had potential. I suppose he was right! Now, nine years later it seems like I started playing yesterday.

Learning the piano with Georgia is one amazing experience filled with joy, laughter and there is never a flat moment. I learn something new every lesson. It is always exhilarating and you get a strong feeling of accomplishment when it’s a song that is well renowned.

The ultimate goal to me is to be able to hear a song and go play it. Thus far I am working on that skill and picking songs from the radio and then trying to figure out the notes in the song. Georgia is helping me with Improvising using the 12 bar blues which has made a huge difference to my audiation skills. I have to give credit to my parents for persevering with me and my practice. Most importantly, Georgia for having the patience and dedication with me for the past 9 years.

I believe music is the best medicine for the mind and there is no substitute for the piano over dirty dubstep. I feel like my parents and Georgia have really helped me to become a better musician. I’m always striving to improve and sharpen my skills as a pianist. One day, I may pursue it as a career.

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Student at Just Play Piano Studio for 9 years

I started learning to play the piano with Georgia using the Simply Music method 8 years ago at the age of 38.  From the very first lesson I was actually playing a piece of music.  Georgia’s music knowledge and teaching style encourages me to perfect each piece of music I am learning.  Her patience, flexibility, and compassion shown to me as an adult student is unrivalled. 

I would recommend Georgia to anyone of any age looking to learn to play the piano.


Student at Just Play Piano Studio for 8 years

I like learning piano with Georgia because it is fun to learn a musical instrument, and she is very friendly and welcoming. Georgia makes harder songs into something easier to learn, and instead of focusing on reading music, we focus on playing.


Student at Just Play Piano Studio

From Nick, Sean’s Dad:

Georgia has been teaching our 8 year old son from scratch for one year now. Georgia has a very friendly approach to teaching avoiding to put too much pressure on the young learner but at the same time motivating him to do his best and the result can certainly been heard.

It is a pleasure to hear our son play a variety of different songs and styles, especially as he himself enjoys playing.

From Sean:

It’s fun!


Student at Just Play Piano Studio for 1 year

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“I have to give credit to Georgia for having the patience and dedication with me for the past 9 years”

Student experiences at Just Play Piano Studio

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